Carol concert – Not just mums and dads.

It was lovely. Lots of turning round from her pew from Whirling Dervish to wave up at the balcony to meeeee! Continue reading


Carol concert – I have a solo performance

Oh no, I’m going to have to go through the WHOLE Facing the Christmas Fayre wardrobe crisis, paranoid being judged (all in my head) nonsense again tonight for Whirling Dervish’s carol concert. Continue reading

Asking my advice. Yay… and also Yikes!

I was having a good old chops with Whirling Dervish this week (post-germs) while her Dad was pottering about doing man-stuff.

She was telling me all about a not very nice situation she’s got going on with her group of girls at school. Let’s call the others Grace, Rachel and Olivia.

Grace has decreed that Rachel and Olivia can’t play with Whirling Dervish anymore. Rachel especially is allowed no one-on-one time with Whirling Dervish.

origin_5769151705FFS, they’re seven! Surely this crap shouldn’t kick in for at least another five years.

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