Carol concert – I have a solo performance

Oh no, I’m going to have to go through the WHOLE Facing the Christmas Fayre wardrobe crisis, paranoid being judged (all in my head) nonsense again tonight for Whirling Dervish’s carol concert. Continue reading


Waiting for the baby (not ours)

Whirling Dervish could, possibly, be a big sister today, or shortly after.

Her Mum is going in to have, as far as my understanding of all things natal goes, be popped.

This week I have learned the term ‘stretch and sweep’. Really? They do that? Continue reading

Reviewing my 30s


I turn no-longer-in-my-thirties next week and, unlike no-longer-in-my-twenties, I’m not freaking out (too much). It helps that my birthday has, so far, lasted about five months with some amazing experiences that friends, family and my Husband have given me as presents (Elbow in concert, spa weekend, Halloween horror weekend in London, West End show) over that time.

It seems time for a bit of list-based whirlwind retrospection to link up with #TheList hosted by Mums’ Days and You Baby Me Mummy.

What has being going on in the last decade?

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Unexpected life of having never been expecting.

This is my first linky and I’m joining ‘The List’ hosted by Mums’ Days and  You Baby Me Mummy

I LOVE lists and I always make sure to write down at least one thing that I’ve already done so I can cross it off straight away and feel very smug, but this isn’t that kind of list, so here goes.

Here I am, ‘officially’ a we-don’t-use-the-s-word person for almost 18 months and having lived with now Husband for only a little longer.

What has taken me by surprise sharing my life with Husband and his Whirling Dervish?

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Our plans? Of course they don’t matter (rant alert).

What was I JUST saying about the benefit of anonymous blogging in case I need to rant?


We’re all starting to make plans for the festive period, which I know will only be pencilled in (this makes the control freak in me twitch) as the coming of Whirling Dervish’s baby brother will keep things fluid.

Still, we had planned to head to Devon for a day to see family including Husband’s sister, all with Whirling Dervish.

Text from WD’s Mum yesterday – Her sister is coming to visit, so Whirling Dervish won’t be able to come with us.


Now wait an f-ing minute! Continue reading

Advent calendar bad behaviour

large_6214119489Hurrah, it is December. Our office already looks like Christmas has been sicked up on it and I’m sat here in my ‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal’ jumper.

My Mum rang at the end of last week to see if MY advent calender had arrived (that’s what I heard anyway). Continue reading

Anonymous blogging

I am gradually ‘outing’ myself.


Dear friend and super-blogger-extraordinaire Hayley, author of Downs Side Up was the first to know about this here blog after Month 1.

Am now nearing the end of Month 2 and have just this very second (as written, this will probably get posted later) sent a link to Wise Best Friend (who, I had (bad friend) forgotten also blogs, so have just had about two years worth of catch up).

So why blog anonymously?

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Asking my advice. Yay… and also Yikes!

I was having a good old chops with Whirling Dervish this week (post-germs) while her Dad was pottering about doing man-stuff.

She was telling me all about a not very nice situation she’s got going on with her group of girls at school. Let’s call the others Grace, Rachel and Olivia.

Grace has decreed that Rachel and Olivia can’t play with Whirling Dervish anymore. Rachel especially is allowed no one-on-one time with Whirling Dervish.

origin_5769151705FFS, they’re seven! Surely this crap shouldn’t kick in for at least another five years.

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Poorly sick girl wants her Mummy (phew).

Whirling Dervish has caught a D&V bug off her Granddad (who was very poorly at the weekend).

The poor little mite gets very distressed when she’s actually sick, so I feel very very sorry for her.

That said, I’m an evil stepmother as very relieved that her Mum is on maternity leave at the moment, so can look after her, rather than Husband or I having her at ours and staying home with her.

Doubly evil stepmother/ second wife, as WD’s Mum is three weeks off her due date!

I do genuinely hope she doesn’t get it too. Continue reading