Period. Period. Period. Taboo?

I completely agree that talking about periods out in the open and especially in the world of sport IS still a taboo.

However (and I’ve only read the online article referring to comments on Radio 5) Annabel Croft doesn’t really appear to have advanced the issue by using terms such as “women’s monthly issues” “these issues”.

*Rolls eyes*

Periods! They’re called periods!

origin_321377542Yes, I can see women of a certain generation pursing their lips and clasping their hands under their bosoms a la Les Dawson  in drag (hmmm, referencing THAT probably makes ME of a ‘certain age’).

I can also envisage groups of stereotypical sportsMEN making generally yucky noises and covering their ears.

Wise Best Friend and I, in our student days used to walk around the local chemist saying “Tampax” very loudly because we were SOOOOO liberal and open and wanting to broaden the minds of the other unsuspecting shoppers. These days we discuss mooncups over dinner. So maybe we’re ahead of the times?

I like to think not. But I do think people (women?) talk about it maybe with one or two friends… I don’t know.

Husband is pretty open about it, but from the off I made the decision not to be coy when I was “on”, I figured he’s been married before and seen a woman give birth so really, how squeamish can he be? He is an excellent judge of when to bring me large packets of crisps and retreat quietly when the hormonal beast is at her worst.

I don’t want it to be a dirty little secret when Whirling Dervish hits puberty.

I absolutely think it’s something her parents should help her become informed about – although I have my reservations as to just how relaxed her Mum will be – easy to judge, I know – I don’t know how any mum would be. But I’d definitely like to think Whirling Dervish could talk to me as well (and that, obviously, I’d be super cool yet informative yet approachable).

But, Annabel etc, let’s try and make a start in breaking the ‘taboo’ by just using the word “period”. Who says “menstrual cycle” outside of a Biology lesson (even my doctor says “period”)?

Period. Period. Period.

photo credit: Daniel Hughes via photopin cc


3 thoughts on “Period. Period. Period. Taboo?

  1. My daughter’s 5, so we’re not quite at the stage to chat about this, but equally, I’m not secretive about it. I’d like to think that when she’s a little older, she’ll be comfortable chatting to me about it.


    • Exactly. Whirling Dervish is 7, so I’m of a very similar mind. If she asks questions as time goes on, I’ll answer, but I don’t want her to feel embarrassed and I think part of that starts with language (don’t even get me started on the vast assortment of names for body parts).


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