Are we ‘Wicked’?

origin_1812263913I got very excited. ‘Wicked’ is coming to a theatre near me and it coincides nicely with Whirling Dervish’s birthday.

I saw it a few years ago in the West End, having been neglectful of my theatre-luvvie self in recent times, and was just blown away by it.

Now, and I’m aware I’m venturing in to a very sensitive territory here, Whirling Dervish’s Mum and husband attend a local church with her that, let’s just say, has some interesting views of the world. There will be a post on this at some point, but not today.

I knew the very title of the musical would instantly get Whirling Dervish’s Mum’s ‘invoking the devil’ radar up, so asked Husband to speak to her about it, explain it is the pre-story to The Wizard of Oz and it’s no more/ less magical/ opening a doorway to evil than ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Percy Jackson’ or ‘Scooby Doo’ (these days features actual monsters, not just the caretaker in a mask), all of which are standard viewing fare for Whirling Dervish!

The initial response was a sucking in of breath and an “ooh I don’t know about the sound of that, I’ll have to ask the church.”

Well, for a start, they have shared custody and parental responsibility so I REALLY DON’T GET why we have to run everything by her to check it’s ok, but it is in NO WAY a two way thing, including religion (if it was, and truly ‘joint parenting’, then fine). Again an issue to explore in depth another time.

And one more thing, the very same day Husband mentioned it to her Mum, Whirling Dervish had the day with us armed with a Nerf gun, given as reward from her Mum and stepdad for good behaviour.

A (play) GUN!!!

I really think if you’re going to haul us over the moral high ground every time we do something you think (and there have been some real tenuous reaches, trust me) the church might disapprove of, then how does giving your child a ‘weapon’ fit with that?

I know some parents have very strong views on toy weapons, especially guns, being unsuitable for children. Honestly, I have never given it much though, it’s just the, in my mind, inconsistency/ double standard that drives me crazy. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Whirling Dervish has been allowed to watch ‘Skyfall’.

Hmmm, this didn’t start out with the intention of ranting, but look, there I go.

I’m off to download blog planning templates to calm myself down. Aaaah, the soothing sight of Pinterest….

PS Happy New Year my lovely readers.

PPS As it turns out, all concessions are sold out for ‘Wicked’ and at £60 each, it, sadly, isn’t an option to go. Yeah, so, basically, ignore the above.

photo credit: yuan2003 via photopin cc


6 thoughts on “Are we ‘Wicked’?

  1. Maggie says:

    I feel your pain. Had the same but not due to religion…..even wedding hair for the girls brought a potential grumble….no scissors were allowed! Keep smiling!


  2. downssideup says:

    Oh my… guns are a no no in this family, or any weapons really. The rest just sounds more like power struggles than actual well-thought out religious philosophy. Deep breath.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Deep breaths needed more on some days than others – this has also followed on from her Mum asking that we didn’t buy Whirling Dervish an ipod for Christmas so she can stay a little girl longer as she’s growing up so fast.

      Deep breath. Eye roll. General swearing under my breath. 🙂

      I know (some) children will make a gun out of a twig or loo roll tube, but that’s slightly different than giving them a gun, I think. Is very strange that I find myself having the ‘What kind of parent am I?’ thoughts when I have chosen not to be one.


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