The contrary nature of children

Whirling Dervish cracks me up.

We picked her up at 7am yesterday as her Mum went off to hospital.

She spent, I do not exaggerate, every five minutes all day asking if we’d heard from Mummy yet with news.

When we got the call to say she was now big sister to a whopping 9 lb 11 brother about 12 hours later, she was insistent that whatever time her Mum, stepdad and brother started home in the night, she was to be woken up and collected to go with them. All the adults had to hatch a secret plan for her to stay here so the new parents could get home, settled and maybe a bit of sleep.

She has just woken up, late for her, after 8am. We have already had a text to say the new family are already home and ready for Whirling Dervish whenever she wants.

So is she sat on the bonnet of the car in her jammies?

Of course not.

She wants to watch some Dragons first and she’ll go home in a bit.

As I said, she cracks me up.


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