Joy to my world

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I didn’t participate in #TheList linky* (wonderfully hosted by Mums’ Days and You Baby Me Mummy) last week as I have spent all week composing to this one, my most involved blog post yet, but certainly no chore.

*I have just taught myself to underline in html, hurrah, apologies in advance for its over-use.

At the risk of repeating myself and drawing even more attention (no such thing as too much) to MY BIRTHDAY (yesterday, since you ask, but I’m dragging it out for as long as possible), here are the things that have brought me joy each day in the last week of my thirties.

  • Friday: Finding a new recipe that will become a permanent fixture on the menu planner. We eat a lot of the same meals in rotation so it’s always great to add another. Husband was working late and we were heading out to another Christmas fayre so needed something that could be ready, but also be ok to sit for a while if Husband was running late. Chorizo and potato salad by Frugal Feeding fitted the bill perfectly and was yuuuuummmeeeeee!!!

IMG_4061Saturday: Festive festiveness as home. Tree up and decorated. Dancing to ‘All I want for Christmas Is You’ around the living room with Whirling Dervish. Watching ‘The Muppets’ Christmas Carol’. Having a sherry. No falling out while doing the tree, possibly because Husband left me to it and then Whirling Dervish put the finishing touches on of our personal declarations. We are in the habit of buying a bauble from places we visit so Disneyland Paris, New York, Barcelona and London are all represented. I had a clear glass bauble with the petals from my wedding bouquet in it and I found it smashed. Waaaaah. Petals collected and new bauble just purchased. (How many times can I use the word ‘bauble’?)

  • Sunday: The inappropriate humour of my family. My Mum was blue-lighted to A&E. She had a massive thunderclap headache and fell off the loo so got taken to the local cottage hospital and then whizzed to the nearest big hospital. She has leukemia   (the adult, long-term ‘good’ kind) so while they were fairly certain it wasn’t, she is at a higher risk of a brain bleed (it wasn’t). I feel particularly helpless 300 miles away, but our warped family humour kept information and laughs flowing between me, my sister and brother. Also, my sister was switching phones with her husband and to prove it as her when she switched back she sent me this *cackles loudly*:IMG_4068
  • Monday: Oooh, Mondays are tough. Fresh stock of wrapping paper. The first lot I bought was so so pretty, all glittery and shiny. It went EVERYWHERE and I ended up looking like the latest dancer at a strip club. Stupid glitter. Plain gold and tartan are now in use.
  • Tuesday: Finding mead. Not a medieval quest, but items for my Mum’s Cornish Christmas hamper. Apparently all lovely local produce is removed from the supermarket shelves once the silly season summer is over, so have been on the hunt for weeks.
  • Wednesday: Whirling Dervish’s Mum wasn’t induced as planned so much less likely to have her baby on MY DAY! Is looking like Monday now, which, for practical purposes is much better as Husband and I will both have finished work for Christmas so will be readily on hand to have Whirling Dervish while her Mum is pushing!
  • Thursday: It’s all about me, it’s all about me baby! New boots, many cards, badges, balloons, much singing, a tiara. Feeling very loved on my birthday, I have such amazing family and friends and, of course, Husband (signed card from my football team in addition to new boots and a weekend away). Also a wonderful meal out which I don’t have a hangover from (today, Friday).

2 thoughts on “Joy to my world

  1. hannah mum's days says:

    Hehee! Happy belated Birthday! I’ve no idea what that text was about at all! But I’m glad it had you laughing despite all the trouble with your mum!

    So glad to have you link in to #Thelist and learn a bit more about your week – I’m dead nosey, so this kind of post is heaven to me! Happy New Year!!! xxx


    • We tend to overshare in our family (as I’m about to now) and it was a sex-gone-wrong story. Hee hee (sorry).

      I think that’s been one of the things I’ve really enjoyed about blogging so far, the peeking in to other people’s worlds.

      Happy New Year to you too!!!


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