Carol concert – Not just mums and dads.

It was lovely. Lots of turning round from her pew from Whirling Dervish to wave up at the balcony to meeeee!

Feeling very festive now and mightily impressed by Year 3’s (WD’s class) reading which was recited en masse and also with sign language.

I did have the misfortune to sit behind a group of obviously bored, I’m guessing older sisters, secondary school girls.

On their phones throughout. Grr.
Wearing an oversized bobble hat. Grrrr.
Hat. In church. Grrrrrr.

Also, and I know this is me being VERY picky, but the headmaster and the vicar kept referring to “mums and dads”. Now I know it could descend into PC bonkersness, but would “families” not be better? Whether grandparents, fosters carers, aunts, uncles and, y’know, partners of a parent.

I’ll get down off my soap box now and go back to trying to figure out the hymn they played during the presentation of the Christingle.


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