Reviewing my 30s


I turn no-longer-in-my-thirties next week and, unlike no-longer-in-my-twenties, I’m not freaking out (too much). It helps that my birthday has, so far, lasted about five months with some amazing experiences that friends, family and my Husband have given me as presents (Elbow in concert, spa weekend, Halloween horror weekend in London, West End show) over that time.

It seems time for a bit of list-based whirlwind retrospection to link up with #TheList hosted by Mums’ Days and You Baby Me Mummy.

What has being going on in the last decade?

  1. Owning a dog Realising what broody felt like. It’s when you see your Labrador puppy for the first time.
  2. Breaking a bone First and only one of my siblings to do so (noses don’t count). It didn’t hurt. Don’t let nephews decorate your cast with wax crayons. It WILL rub off all over your Mum’s furniture.
  3. A divorce Not as painful as many, mostly just frustration and sadness at the way things panned out post-separation.
  4. Falling in love again Being in denial, playing it down and then generally freaking out over the whole thing. 16 year old me had nothing on 35 year old me. The butterflies, the loss of appetite (I’d maybe still like that bit… ooh, cake), the fleeing from the room when I thought he was going to say “I love you” the first time. Saying “I love you” to someone new for the first time in 15 years. Terrifying.
  5. Going to New York and Paris and Barcelona. More seeing the world in the last decade than in the previous three.
  6. A proposal Indefinitely on hold, now-Husband was instructed NOT to propose until he saw a wedding magazine on the kitchen table while I got my head around being part of Whirling Dervish’s life. He did it anyway and didn’t even get the full question out before I said “yes”. I didn’t know I knew the answer until he asked.
  7. A wedding Second time’s the charm. The horrible stress of extracting a divorce from the ex almost ruined it, but the most amazing day, relaxed and free flowing, surrounded by so many family and friends. Can we do it again? Can we? Can we?
  8. Living with A BOY Much easier this time around, no power struggles, no passive/ aggressive behaviour. Just happiness.
  9. Living with A GIRL Making a home with Husband that is ours and that Whirling Dervish also considers hers. A fridge covered in pictures. A great deal of Hello Kitty/ Scooby Doo cross over. Incorporating a potential pirate attack in to EVERYTHING. Not having to ‘make’ a space for her in my life, it just appeared and continues to do so.
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