Unexpected life of having never been expecting.

This is my first linky and I’m joining ‘The List’ hosted by Mums’ Days and  You Baby Me Mummy

I LOVE lists and I always make sure to write down at least one thing that I’ve already done so I can cross it off straight away and feel very smug, but this isn’t that kind of list, so here goes.

Here I am, ‘officially’ a we-don’t-use-the-s-word person for almost 18 months and having lived with now Husband for only a little longer.

What has taken me by surprise sharing my life with Husband and his Whirling Dervish?

  1. 99.99% of the time I really don’t mind not being Number 1 priority. In fact, thinking about our unit in terms of ranking crosses my mind only rarely. I honestly expected it to be a constant game of one-upmanship. Nope.
  2. It has reaffirmed my not wanting children. Not in an ‘ugh, I definitely don’t want one of those, look how awful they are’ but I appreciate the time we (I) have with Whirling Dervish and also the time we have to ourselves. Also, after a week on holiday as a trio, I’m EXHAUSTED. How do you parent people do it?
  3. I only freak out 50% of the time when strangers refer to me as Whirling Dervish’s mum (usually checkout ladies) which results in much blushing, stuttering and attempting to explain on my part. The other half of the time, I manage to smile and carry on.
  4. What is with children and repetition? How does the same thing, after weeks and months never grow old?!?!?
  5. Kids really do say “Are we there yet?”
  6. Not swearing (little pitchers, big ears, and all that) is REALLY hard.
  7. I am very protective of Whirling Dervish. The recent issues she’s had with girls has made me want to run down to the school and kick them in the shins… How DARE they…
  8. …Giving responsible and appropriate advice sucks, but I have found myself capable of doing it anyway, despite wanting to be ‘cool’ and suggesting some solution that would have terrible consequences.
  9. I think about Whirling Dervish’s wedding day (whether she has one or not) a startling amount of the time and worry about my place in it and more to point, that it will cause her unnecessary worry. She is seven!
  10. I never knew a person could be as patient, level and tolerant as my Husband, especially when I have a flip out about something Whirling Dervish/ her mum related.

So that’s 10!

Now I’m off to read some more ‘The List’ linkers…

Mums' Days

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