Our plans? Of course they don’t matter (rant alert).

What was I JUST saying about the benefit of anonymous blogging in case I need to rant?


We’re all starting to make plans for the festive period, which I know will only be pencilled in (this makes the control freak in me twitch) as the coming of Whirling Dervish’s baby brother will keep things fluid.

Still, we had planned to head to Devon for a day to see family including Husband’s sister, all with Whirling Dervish.

Text from WD’s Mum yesterday – Her sister is coming to visit, so Whirling Dervish won’t be able to come with us.


Now wait an f-ing minute!

Why are our (already made) plans immediately pushed off the table? Why are we (or at least Husband, Whirling Dervish’s DAD) at the whim of WD’s Mum? Why does her sister get precedence over Husband’s sister – both are aunties to WD (and if I’m going to be totally picky about it, auntie on her Mums’ side saw WD more recently than auntie on her Dad’s side).

It will not be the end of the world if WD doesn’t come with us, and to be honest, she’s old enough to make her own mind up about what she wants to do (we’re prepared for the possibility that to begin with she may not want too much time away from her new brother, especially while she’s not a school) and I certainly don’t want it to descend in to ‘prove who you love the most’.

The thing that (and this is an ongoing issue) caused a half hour huff on my part yesterday was the absolute lack of consideration or thought, or discussion by WD’s Mum to take in to account everyone’s plans and WD’s wishes.


Poor Husband (to be fair to him he has gone back to WD’s Mum to work towards a joint decision rather than a diktat on her part), I bet he longs for a return to the days when I used to keep schtum and fume quietly as I didn’t think it was anything to do with me!

photo credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc


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