Anonymous blogging

I am gradually ‘outing’ myself.


Dear friend and super-blogger-extraordinaire Hayley, author of Downs Side Up was the first to know about this here blog after Month 1.

Am now nearing the end of Month 2 and have just this very second (as written, this will probably get posted later) sent a link to Wise Best Friend (who, I had (bad friend) forgotten also blogs, so have just had about two years worth of catch up).

So why blog anonymously?

Well, I don’t know if it will be a permanent state, but I am VERY aware that it is not my child who forms the basis for this blog, so there’s that (hence lack of photos).

Also, unless I intend to (I can be a proper cowbag sometimes), I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, and while I don’t think I have yet, I am certain in times to come I will need a proper venting of spleen (most likely directed towards Whirling Dervish’s Mum, deserved or not).

Wise Best Friend has had to listen to these vents by telephone and in person, but that is very different from putting it out there for all to see with names. Quite often, as with a lot of ranting and raging, just getting it out of your system is enough and quite often whatever the issue is doesn’t need a resolution, just catharsis.

So, I shall keep behind my anon red apple for now. You never know, I might tell Husband next!


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