Poorly sick girl wants her Mummy (phew).

Whirling Dervish has caught a D&V bug off her Granddad (who was very poorly at the weekend).

The poor little mite gets very distressed when she’s actually sick, so I feel very very sorry for her.

That said, I’m an evil stepmother as very relieved that her Mum is on maternity leave at the moment, so can look after her, rather than Husband or I having her at ours and staying home with her.

Doubly evil stepmother/ second wife, as WD’s Mum is three weeks off her due date!

I do genuinely hope she doesn’t get it too.

We may have Whirling Dervish for a couple of hours this evening, depending on how she is and I will be happy to offer her comfort, wrap her in a blanket and watch endless episodes of Defenders of Berk (not sure who is the bigger fan, me or WD).

origin_5201987067To be totally honest, I don’t want to be holding her hair out of her face while she up-chucks, or transporting leggings to the washing machine that couldn’t be whipped down in time.

I’m a lousy patient myself, but I’m an even worse nurse.

Wise Best Friend and I would always go out when at uni with spare hair bands for each other in case of cider induced vomiting, but that’s about as Florence Nightingale as I get.

Give me an accident/ crisis (such as Whirling Dervish’s head plant into a skirting board last week, all fine. Husband and I made more noise and fuss than she did) and I’m (she says modestly) brilliant. Long term (which I class as anything over half an hour), not so much.

So I wish Whirling Dervish a speedy recovery and a Dettol-like force field around her Mum, but it is times like this I’m very glad for all concerned that a little girl will want her Mummy when poorly.

Thanks to Secret Step Mummy for a Twitter conversation that inspired this post.

EDIT: Secret Step Mummy has written a parallel post which you should check out.

photo credit: ~Oryctes~ via photopin cc


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