Have you been looking inside my head and heart?

Since starting this blog (feels like yesterday but is coming up to two months), I’ve made a small handful of blogging/ Twitter connections whose writing I really like, seems to have a similar outlook to me and have inspired some of my posts. Secret Step Mummy, The Secret Divorcee and Mum’s Days, I’m looking at you.

None of us are in the same boat, but we’re moored in the same marina.

It has been an almighty relief to come across their, and other, blogs. Before I even made the decision to start blogging I was looking up any advice, hints, tips, other people’s situations to check I’m fairly normal in my relationship with Whirling Dervish and also her Mum.

Most of the stepparenting blogs are based in the US. Of COURSE I realise  Americans are people too, but a very large proportion of those I have come across seem to have the ‘have a nice day now’ or overly religious message.

There’s some great advice in those too and some real heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories, but I don’t feel like they’re, for the most part, for me.

I’m fairly cynical, quite a bit up my own arse at times, a bit paranoid and decidedly not American (although some swine did try to use my credit card in New York this week, so THAT’s been cancelled just before Christmas, grrrr).

Anyhoooo, I have, through Twitter, found Red Headed Stepmoms. I’ve only got around to reading a couple of posts so far but it’s like they’re peeking inside my head and heart with their outlook. Such a brilliant articulation on the pit-of-the-stomach feeling of wanting to be on an equal footing with those who are biologically related, but not wanting to over step bounds, but at the same time push yourself forward and scream “WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?!”, while walking the tightrope, while keeping everyone (including ex-wives when you want to say “screw that”) happy and in balance.

Stepmums/ stepmoms (am overcoming my phobia of the Americanisms) – we may be alien, but we are not alone!

*Cue X-Files music*


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