Wheelchairs v pushchairs v sloppy picture editor. BBC, I’m looking at YOU!

Off stepparenting topic.

Wheelchairs v pushchairs – My twopen’th worth

Hmmmm, on Wheelchairs or pushchairs: Who should take priority? I think the Beeb is making out there is more of a ‘conflict’ than it is, although I do agree that the law needs clarification.

My personal, off the cuff opinion is wheelchairs should take priority, but then I have never been a buggy-user (since I was IN one) and have, briefly, been a wheelchair user.

Anyhoooo, my issue with this news piece isn’t the argument, it’s the picture they’ve used.

Go on, take a look!

Are the Beeb implying that it isn’t tired, juggling mothers who are trying to get from A to B on public transport, but rather shopaholics using valuable wheelchair space to get their masses of Primarni purchases home?

I mean. where is even the child in that picture?

Sloppy, BBC, very sloppy.


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