To remember you have to know

I was more than a little gobsmacked at the weekend.

Father-in-law served for many years in the Navy and was parading at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday (we caught a glimpse of his hat and nose on the telly).

Whirling Dervish was with us Saturday afternoon to Sunday Morning and we were discussing Remembrance Day, where Nanny and Granddad were and the significance of poppies and also asking if she had learned anything about it at school or if she would be observing the two minutes silence at the church she attends with her Mum, that day.

“Not at my school.””We don’t do that.” About about those we remember “It’s not anyone I know.”

Now, she had woken up on Sunday in a Contrary Mary mood so this could have been part of it and also they may have been covering it at school this week, but for her, at nearly eight, to have absolutely no idea what it was about was appalling to me, personally (as mentioned before, I could be completely off the mark her as my knowledge of development and also primary education is a work in progress).

Is the world around her not discussed at ‘home’, I know we don’t do enough in the time we have her, has she really had no information on conflicts in her school life?

My sister posted a very sweet message on Facebook, that her youngest son, at four, had been talking to the gentleman selling poppies at their local shop, asking him about the war and where the money went and when walking home had a bit more discussion and said to my sister “Without that man and my great-granddads, we wouldn’t be alive”. I’m very proud of him and also for my sister for giving him the opportunity to find out and explore his own ideas.

So, we need to do more, I don’t want Whirling Dervish to grow up unaware of the world around her, but apparently it’s not appropriate to get her out of bed to watch Newsnight every evening. Is (John Craven’s) Newsround still in existence?

I hope, like me in a few minutes, Whirling Dervish will be observing the two minutes silence (or in years to come be able to decide whether or not she wants to) and that she now has a little more knowledge than at the weekend, if not, then that’s something to consider for Husband and I.


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