Anonymous blogging

I am gradually ‘outing’ myself.


Dear friend and super-blogger-extraordinaire Hayley, author of Downs Side Up was the first to know about this here blog after Month 1.

Am now nearing the end of Month 2 and have just this very second (as written, this will probably get posted later) sent a link to Wise Best Friend (who, I had (bad friend) forgotten also blogs, so have just had about two years worth of catch up).

So why blog anonymously?

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Asking my advice. Yay… and also Yikes!

I was having a good old chops with Whirling Dervish this week (post-germs) while her Dad was pottering about doing man-stuff.

She was telling me all about a not very nice situation she’s got going on with her group of girls at school. Let’s call the others Grace, Rachel and Olivia.

Grace has decreed that Rachel and Olivia can’t play with Whirling Dervish anymore. Rachel especially is allowed no one-on-one time with Whirling Dervish.

origin_5769151705FFS, they’re seven! Surely this crap shouldn’t kick in for at least another five years.

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Poorly sick girl wants her Mummy (phew).

Whirling Dervish has caught a D&V bug off her Granddad (who was very poorly at the weekend).

The poor little mite gets very distressed when she’s actually sick, so I feel very very sorry for her.

That said, I’m an evil stepmother as very relieved that her Mum is on maternity leave at the moment, so can look after her, rather than Husband or I having her at ours and staying home with her.

Doubly evil stepmother/ second wife, as WD’s Mum is three weeks off her due date!

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Have you been looking inside my head and heart?

Since starting this blog (feels like yesterday but is coming up to two months), I’ve made a small handful of blogging/ Twitter connections whose writing I really like, seems to have a similar outlook to me and have inspired some of my posts. Secret Step Mummy, The Secret Divorcee and Mum’s Days, I’m looking at you.

None of us are in the same boat, but we’re moored in the same marina.

It has been an almighty relief to come across their, and other, blogs. Before I even made the decision to start blogging I was looking up any advice, hints, tips, other people’s situations to check I’m fairly normal in my relationship with Whirling Dervish and also her Mum.

Most of the stepparenting blogs are based in the US. Of COURSE I realise  Americans are people too, but a very large proportion of those I have come across seem to have the ‘have a nice day now’ or overly religious message.

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I’m a stepchild but I can’t understand a stepchild’s lot

My Mum just did one of those random posts which you have to do too if you like or comment on it on Facebook thingies.

Hers was ‘I’m going to be on Jeremy Kyle’.

After threatening to disown her I did have a think about why possibly she would be appearing…. narrowing it down was the issue, not thinking something up!


My Mum married Husband #1 (she’s on #3) in her late teens and I came  along (more recent disclosures have revealed he wasn’t actually my ‘natural’ father, but that’s maybe a tale for another time. See what I mean about Jeremy Kyle?) when she was 22 and before I was two, we were out of there. Continue reading

Wheelchairs v pushchairs v sloppy picture editor. BBC, I’m looking at YOU!

Off stepparenting topic.

Wheelchairs v pushchairs – My twopen’th worth

Hmmmm, on Wheelchairs or pushchairs: Who should take priority? I think the Beeb is making out there is more of a ‘conflict’ than it is, although I do agree that the law needs clarification.

My personal, off the cuff opinion is wheelchairs should take priority, but then I have never been a buggy-user (since I was IN one) and have, briefly, been a wheelchair user.

Anyhoooo, my issue with this news piece isn’t the argument, it’s the picture they’ve used. Continue reading

To remember you have to know

I was more than a little gobsmacked at the weekend.

Father-in-law served for many years in the Navy and was parading at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday (we caught a glimpse of his hat and nose on the telly).

Whirling Dervish was with us Saturday afternoon to Sunday Morning and we were discussing Remembrance Day, where Nanny and Granddad were and the significance of poppies and also asking if she had learned anything about it at school or if she would be observing the two minutes silence at the church she attends with her Mum, that day.

“Not at my school.””We don’t do that.” About about those we remember “It’s not anyone I know.” Continue reading


Secret Step Mummy has written a wonderful post – Warning! Warning! 24 hours to Mumsnet Blogfest! – on her first jaunt to blogfest this weekend and the words

“I am not a mother I am a stepmother so am I going to be allowed in?”

knocked me for six! Bang on the money!

This is how I feel around every single one of my friends with children whenever I open my mouth to offer an anecdote about Whirling Dervish, opinion and even sometimes, advice.

I fear, totally irrationally, that they will turn and point hooked fingers at me and drive me from the village!

“You have not struggled to conceive” “You did not give birth” “You do not have a traumatic birth story” “You have no stitches” “You have no sore nipples” “You did not baby wear” “You have no school allocation woes”…..

You have not, you did not, you will not, you ARE not.

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