Tragedy – Worry, relief and guilt.

Nothing to do with step-parenting this.

Here in the southwest there has been a terrible tragedy this weekend. Three adult surfers have died, four teenage children were pulled from the sea safely.

Watching the news, waiting for updates, hoping the ‘seven surfers pulled from the sea’ would turn into a scary near-miss story.

And waking up today, checking for further information. Two of the three adults were local and information just released has given their home town.

I, along with many friends, am anxiously waiting, knowing there is the possibility it is a friend, or they are close to someone I know. Cornwall being the place it is, you’re only two degrees of separation from anyone.

The ages and the just released home town of those lost make it less likely I knew them. So I am slowly breathing out in relief, although I know of others who are still worrying.

And then instantly feeling guilty because my friends are safe. This morning a family/ families and groups of friends are starting to deal with an incredible loss.

My thoughts are with them, whoever they are.


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