OK, have been set some blogging homework by a dear friend and wonderful blogger and campaigner… Today’s task is to get on Bloglovin’ (lovin’ correct use of an apostrophe in their title) and apparently I have to paste some spell (code) in a new post, so here goes.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

EDIT: ^^^ Whussis? Should this code be appearing like this here? Off to do some searching for an answer.

EDIT EDIT. ^^^ 10/12/14 Figured it out! Oooh get me!


One thought on “Bloglovin’

  1. downssideup says:

    Try entering the code in the HTML version of this post (I’m on Blogspot so it’s different.) then you might see a badge when you revert to text… Lots of playing around and not much sleep for you for a while #bloggingwilltakeoveryourlife


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