Not knowing about nits!

So, nits.

There is THAT video of a very severe headlice infestation doing the rounds on social media, which I keep clicking off instantly as it is JUST HORRID!

It did make me think though, Whirling Dervish, we have discovered after the fact, has had a couple of bouts of nits so far.

I am scratching just typing about this.

We have mentioned it to Whirling Dervish that if she gets them again her Mum (or she can) should really let us know as well (I have asked husband to also have a word with WD’s Mum) – cue a big silly mime sequence of hands as bugs leaping from head to head.

Itchy, itch itch.

I am in no rush to sit there with the nit comb and a gallon of conditioner (there may be new fandangled ways of removing headlice, but this is what I remember as a child) and it’s one of the times I will wave the ‘not a parent’ flag if it falls to us to do it.

Scratch, scratch.

Surely it’s not unreasonable and in my mind is quite sensible to let the occupants of the home where Whirling Dervish spends the majority of her time outside of school know, so we can all get treated rather than never breaking the cycle?


4 thoughts on “Not knowing about nits!

  1. So frustrating! We have been dealing with head lice with my step daughter for MONTHS! We have treated her and combed her hair for hours on end….only to have her come back from her mother’s house with lice over and over again. We check all of our heads, do all the treatment on the bedding and household stuff and treat her repeatedly. Makes me want to scream….and scratch my head. Mom blames us because we keep discovering them (and because we let her sleep with the dog). It’s insanity.

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    • Insanity is right! It’s not rocket science to see that everyone needs to be on board to treat, remove and prevent it! I am viewing it as an oversight on WD’s Mum’s part and we’ve been ‘lucky’ not to have had them to then pass them back, but a bit of joined up thinking wouldn’t go amiss.

      Also, your poor dog, getting the blame! 🙂

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  2. downssideup says:

    I scritched my way through reading this…. but it does highlight the need for communication between all the parties doesn’t it! Perhaps the idea of nit combing and treating with conditioner (nits hate tea tree and neem and Vosene have a new anti nit shampoo) whilst at your house will keep them at bay anyway.


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